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NOTE: Our annual meeting is in June and we need a nomination committee and solicit any members who wish to hold office.

The objective of the Federation of Maine Dog Clubs Inc. is to coordinate items of general interest to all-breed, obedience, and specialty clubs in the State for their mutual betterment.

Meetings are held in Augusta, Maine, the third Tuesday every month at 6:00 pm.

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Federation of Maine Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners
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Perry Moore, Vice President
916 Crooked Rd, Bar Harbor, ME 04609
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AKC Answers to Shelter Trafficking

From: Jim Crowley
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2014 2:30 PM
To: Delegates
Subject: Additional Response to HBO Real Sports

Dear Delegates,

In April, following the broadcast of HBO Real Sports, the AKC declared that "we are going to promote what we do every chance we get. We are going to respond to every unfair claim about breeders, every inaccuracy about purebreds, and every criticism of the standard and every falsehood about canine health."

We haven't just talked the talk – we're walking the walk.

Our aggressive response to HBO Real Sports was multifold and expansive, and included most recently letters of complaint from Dennis Sprung to multiple network executives, including HBO CEO Richard Plepler.

Just last week, AKC also took a stand against the perilous "shelter trafficking" industry by submitting a Letter to the Editor in response to the New York Times' op-ed "Adopt a Dog With a Southern Drawl."

I invite you to read both responses below. We are fiercely determined to stand up for what we believe, stronger and louder than ever before. I look forward to connecting with you this weekend in Newark.



HBO | Letter to multiple network executives in response to HBO Real Sports' "Unnatural Selection"
May 7, 2014

Earlier this week at The Atlantic's New York Ideas panel, HBO CEO Richard Plepler was quoted as saying of your network, "All we are trying to do is create the best product possible." If that's the case, your HBO Real Sports segment "Unnatural Selection" fell far short.

The American Kennel Club was repeatedly promised by senior producer Jason Samuels over the course of several months – and even in a face-to-face lunch meeting – a "fair and balanced" story focused on the incredible growth of the dog sports, including the agility sports and the inclusion of mixed breed dogs in sanctioned events such as the prestigious Westminster Dog Show, as well as the health of purebreds.

Unfortunately, the story was neither fair nor balanced. Your viewers were cheated, and so were we.
In the interview HBO conducted at AKC headquarters, for which we went to great lengths to accommodate filming and provide high level speakers, you didn't ask one single question about the dog sports, its growth or the inclusion of mixed breed dogs in our events. Nor did you spend any time on those facts in your final broadcast.

Next, you ignored the multiple high resolution, certified images of champion Bulldogs from the late 19th century to today that prove beyond any doubt that the Bulldog has not changed in its appearance for more than 130 years, reinforcing that the breed standard remains the gold standard for the breed. However, you made certain to show unverified, unattributed photographs and other images of dogs purported to be Bulldogs that did show some transformation. Fairness dictates you show both. Balance dictates you show both. Again, you did neither.

Third, your reporter, Soledad O'Brien, badgered and antagonized the AKC representative and the Theriogenologist veterinarian in a manner that even a battle-tested White House communications specialist from the Obama administration considered appalling. At one point, O'Brien pressed the same question no less than seven times, one right after the other. She owes both speakers an apology.

Finally, your work was sloppy on multiple levels. Here's an example. You identified Dr. Cynthia O'Connor as an "AKC Researcher." Nothing could be further from the truth. There is nothing in her online biography or the information we supplied you that would ever position her as an AKC researcher. Your misidentification was either a sloppy mistake or an insidious attempt to discredit her answers. Either way, HBO needs to publicly correct the record and get their facts right before airing a news story.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter Perhaps, in the future, you will address these concerns that pollute your editorial point-of-view before someone does it for you.

Dennis Sprung
President and CEO, American Kennel Club


New York Times | Letter to the Editor sent in response to "Adopt a Dog With a Southern Drawl"
May 28, 2014

Americans love their dogs, no matter where they originate. But many aren't aware that the nationwide "shelter trafficking" system seemingly saving dogs has in fact created a big-bucks black market and, thus, a nefarious supply and demand.

J. Courtney Sullivan's op-ed "Adopt a Dog With a Southern Drawl," touches on both the good and bad players – those abiding by regulations and those operating underground. Unfortunately, there's more to the story.

Each year, countless dogs are relocated by unscrupulous rescue groups in deplorable conditions, with absent or falsified health and behavioral records, creating both canine and public health safety concerns that have been acknowledged by the veterinary community and addressed in states including Massachusetts and Connecticut. Many are being shipped in from foreign countries, potentially impacting the placement of homeless dogs from the United States.

The AKC is committed to smart, successful rescue, and the ills of shelter trafficking have long been on our radar. Perhaps groups like HSUS and ASPCA can join us, for the benefit of all dogs and the families taking them home

- Alan Kalter (Chairman of the Board, American Kennel Club)

HSUS and Co-Defendants Pay $15.75 Million in Racketeering Lawsuit


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